Restore a sense of balance and harmony to your mind and body. Invest in yourself today for a better tomorrow.

Spa Ayualam

Pamper yourself with pure bliss from the Island. All treatments start with an amazing footbath with soothing salts from the Pacific Ocean followed by a massage for body relexation using natural oils made in Guam. Awake your senses with our luxurious treatments. Guests who reserve a treatment benefit from shuttle transportations from The Tsubaki Tower to Spa Ayualam and return.

Tsubaki Exclusive Spa Menu

Discoveries Package

60 minutes – $130
      • Foot bath 10 minutes
      • Relaxation massage 50 minutes
90 minutes – $170
  • Foot bath 10 minutes
  • Relaxation massage 80 minutes

Wonder Package

150 minutes – $250
      • Foot bath 10 minutes
      • Foot massage 20 minutes
      • Relaxation massage 90 minutes
      • Dry head Spa 30 minutes

Serenity Package

Pair treatment 90 minutes – $330 (Pair Room Guaranteed)
      • Foot bath 10 minutes
      • Foot massage 20 minutes
      • Relaxation massage 60 minutes
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Location & Open Hours

Our gym is right next to the Plaza garden.
Open hours : 8am to 10pm

Available Equipment

– Treadmill/Upright bike/Cross trainer/Recumbent Bike
– Chest Press/Shoulder Press/Leg press/Leg extension press
– Biceps/Triceps/Dumbbell, Hammer Dumbbell, Stability Ball



Every Sunday 8am

Every Wednesday 8am

*Subject to change

Hula Dance

Every Monday 10am

Every Friday 10am

*Subject to change

Jewery Making

Every Thursday 4pm

*Subject to change


Every Tuesday 5 pm

Every Thursday 5pm

*Subject to change


Every Thursday 8am

*Subject to change


Every Wednesday 10am

*Subject to change

Pacific Island Groove

Every Saturday 4pm

*Subject to change


Every Tuesday 8am

*Subject to change


Every Monday 5pm

*Subject to change

Story Time

Every Sunday 10am

*Subject to change


Guests enjoy special rates on golf courses at our partner Country Club of the Pacific (CCP). Enjoy the beautiful scenery and ocean of Guam.

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